SunJel Gel Fireplace Fuel Cans (12)


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Sun Jel (also and formerly known as Crackling Flame) has been making quality gel fuel for fireplaces since 1985.  With the cleanest burning fuel on the market you can enjoy the comfort of a fire indoors or outdoors. All Sun Jel products are easy to light and require no ventilation. Sun Jel gives you the cozy comfort of a warm, crackling fire without the smoke and soot of a traditional wood-burning fireplace

Each can burns for approximately 2.5 hours with a beautiful 7 inch vibrant yellow flame and has a wonderful crackling sound. Sun Jel burns for approximately 3 hours however results may vary slightly depending on the environment as every situation is different. Burn time variables include but are not limited to: type of fireplace, elevation, airflow, and outdoor temperature.

For Use in Anywhere Fireplace Empire, Oasis, and Sutton models.

Before purchasing, be sure to read your fireplace instructions for safety and usage.  Please note: this fuel cannot be shipped air due to shipping restrictions of this flammable product. Can only be shipped within the contiguous states.  

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