Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

A freestanding electric fireplace is the perfect finishing touch for a living room, bedroom, or outdoor setting. They have a way of bringing an easy and warm ambiance to a room, inside or outside. A freestanding fireplace is different than anything you will have in your home. At Crackle Fireplaces, we offer a vast selection of freestanding electric fireplaces and fireplace products. With many models and finishes to choose from, we know we can help you find your dream freestanding fireplace to put the finishing touch on your room. Sitting by a fireplace is one of the most relaxing activities and has the ability to bring people together for the most enjoyable times, an environmentally friendly way to end a long day or enjoy an outdoor get together in the backyard.

Let’s Create The Feature Of Your Dreams

Designing can be difficult and overwhelming, especially when it comes to electric fireplace inserts and stoves, but that’s where we can help! We create your dream fireplace for you, so you don’t have to. We implement the knowledge of our products and the expertise of our craft to create a one-of-a-kind heating source that we know you will love. Our passion lies in making our customers happy and their homes beautiful.

There are so many different variables that go into crafting a freestanding electric fireplace, but over the years we have gained the experience to help you design the perfect style fireplace to heat your space. As fireplace experts, we take into consideration style, design, heat output, safety, accessibility, and so much more. We want each fireplace to be unique to the client, so we work hard to customize the finishes you want and need!

Achieve A Custom Look

There are many different ways to design a freestanding fireplace. With many different design options, an electric fireplace can fit any style, from modern to rustic. The freestanding fireplace has a sleek glass frame available in different shapes and styles, from edgy to dreamy, technology that takes your place from ordinary to luxurious. An electric fireplace can have a bold black frame, making a statement in any home with any style. These units will be the perfect focal point for any room where everyone will want to gather. Our team can help design the perfect style for any space. Sit back and relax while the experts take care of it all for you!


Crackle Fireplaces were such a pleasure to deal with! Best customer service ever.

– Jade


Thanks to your Fireplace Finder tool and helpful emails, we were able to choose the ideal fireplace for our vacation home. The shipping was fast and everything arrived safely.

– Doug & Kate


George and his team are the real deal. I’m super impressed with the service (and my new fireplace)! Thank you for everything.

– Charlie

Core Benefits

The benefits of a freestanding electric fireplace insert seem endless. Not only does it look exactly like a wood-burning fireplace, but it is easy to operate, safe, and cost-effective. Coming home after a long day is relaxing when your fireplace turns on with the click of a remote control. Technology at its best. Enjoy the heat but give up the extra chores by choosing an electric fireplace!

In addition, there are no true flames with an electric fireplace, so there’s no need to worry about toddlers or our furry friends getting too close! With a traditional wood-burning fireplace, toxic emissions and smoke are released into the home and environment. The safety of your space and the environment is a top priority, so switching to an electric fireplace eliminates that concern completely and creates a happy and healthy home! We all want to save money, don’t we? An electric fireplace is low cost to install and an affordable alternative to gas! The low maintenance of an electric fireplace makes it cost-effective. Once you get the fireplace, there’s not much more to it! A freestanding fireplace is easy to assemble and requires little to no installation as they stand on their own! We meant it when we said the benefits seem endless. What are you waiting for?

Versatility In Size And Features

Freestanding electric fireplaces come in many different sizes. They can be used to fill a cozy bedroom wall or to heat a large and expansive outdoor area. Size the electric fireplace for what you need. We are sure to have it in stock. The heat output is designed according to the heat requirements of your space.

Features are customizable too! An electric fireplace comes equipped with a remote control and menu, so you can turn it on from the comfort of your seat, or set a timer from your bed to turn off whenever you choose. Customize the temperature and heat settings for optimal zone heating. Today’s electric fireplace technology also allows you to customize flame effects, colors, and brightness settings for the perfect ambiance in any room.

Customize the finishes with crystals for a modern and contemporary feel or enjoy the driftwood look with a traditional log set for a more natural feel. Choose a mantel with room for your T.V.. We want to make this fireplace perfect for you. We will help and guide you through the designing process.

Unmatched Service

We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the business. Our clients are our top priority, and we intend to make you feel that way. We structure our interactions around our company core values: integrity, reliability, efficiency, and positivity. We are fireplace experts, knowledgeable and passionate, and with that, our customer service comes naturally. Sales and service are nothing without human connection.

We know this is no small decision to make, so we want to be sure you know you are heard. We have a team member ready to answer. Whether it be with a question, comment, or concern, we will be there to help you. Contact us anytime you need. Your comfort in your purchase is necessary, and we want this to be a comfortable and fun experience for you.

Whether it be with a question or a sales order, we will always treat your inquiry with a sense of urgency. Every client will be treated with kindness and respect, no matter what. Our team at Crackle Fireplaces owes it to you to have a positive attitude and make this the best sales experience possible, in-store, or online. As fireplace experts, we are excited to help you with your fireplace purchase! We promise exceptional customer service, user-friendly online shopping, top-of-the-line products you are proud of, and a company you are happy to buy from.

Why Choose Crackle Fireplaces?

There are other companies to buy from, but no other company is like us. We offer a one-of-a-kind design service, treat our clients as we would our family, and proactively aim to be better, all at great prices. Our goal is to create a beautiful and useful electric fireplace heater for you that brings the whole family together, and we know that is your goal too. With a like-minded goal, we are sure to be the perfect match. Our work ethic is unmatched, and we are real people wanting to make sure you have the best buying experience there is. We continuously grow and learn to be better by reading our customer reviews. Your satisfaction is truly our motivation.

If something isn’t right and there’s a problem, just let us know, and we will be sure to make it right. Satisfaction will always be a guarantee with our company. We know trusting us with a big purchase is a big deal, and for that, we want to say thank you. To show our appreciation, we want to take care of the shipping. That’s why shipping to all contiguous 48 US states is free! We strive to show you our passion through our work, so we always want to make sure our work is the best. Please let us know how our services can be better, and we will be for you! Choosing Crackle Fireplaces is a decision we know you will be happy you made. This company is our family, and we can’t wait to welcome you in!

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