Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

There is something so sleek about a wall mounted electric fireplace. You can install an electric fireplace indoors or outdoors, for a calming atmosphere anywhere! An electric fireplace that can be mounted on the wall makes design easy. There is no need to do construction. Now it can be placed on any wall, conveniently providing extra square footage and a beautiful area with easy installation! Crackle Fireplaces offers a wide variety of high-end brands of indoor and outdoor electric fireplaces for you to choose from at great prices!

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Sitting by the fireplace after a long day is so peaceful, the perfect way to wind down. Very often, people don’t want to perform the tedious task of starting their wood-burning fireplace. You have to collect the wood, work on getting it started, keep it lit, and clean it up, not to mention the maintenance of keeping it clean and safe. With an electric fireplace, you don’t have to worry about any of these unpleasant tasks. Enjoying the heat of the flames is as easy as taking your shoes off, picking your favorite spot to sit, and turning on the fireplace unit with the touch of a button. The realistic flame will fool anyone. With different heat levels and color options as well as the option to use the flame display without heat, this is a purchase you can use year-round!

Let’s Create The Fire Feature Of Your Dreams

We can design the wall mounted fireplace of your dreams! We want you to sit back and relax while we create the perfect electric fireplace for your home or office. We have a passion for matching each client with their individually designed electric fireplace. We know this is no simple or easy decision for you, and we take our job of helping you to make it very seriously. Our priority is to match you with a product we know you will be 100% happy with!

There are so many variables to consider when designing, buying, and installing an electric fireplace. We know that can take time and research, becoming overwhelming and frustrating. That’s why we want to do it for you! We want to take as much stress out of this project as possible, and that is why we created the service to do the design for you. We take into consideration the perfect size, style, accessibility, heat output, ease of installation, and so much more! Tell us your vision and watch it come to life without having to do the work. Our goal is to make sure this is the best purchase you’ve made!


Crackle Fireplaces were such a pleasure to deal with! Best customer service ever.

– Jade


Thanks to your Fireplace Finder tool and helpful emails, we were able to choose the ideal fireplace for our vacation home. The shipping was fast and everything arrived safely.

– Doug & Kate


George and his team are the real deal. I’m super impressed with the service (and my new fireplace)! Thank you for everything.

– Charlie

Space Efficient

Mounting your electric fireplace unit on the wall allows you to save space in your home or office. This can be especially important for a cozy apartment or a small office. An open concept is modern and sleek. Mounting your fireplace adds a modern and luxurious feel to the home. It can be hung anywhere, just like your TV, so it can save space.

A traditional fireplace can be big and bulky, taking up to a few feet of room. By mounting flush to the wall, an electric fireplace provides the same ambiance as a traditional fireplace without taking up so much room. Saving space is important for quality of life and makes your house look larger than it may be. Wall mounting a fireplace is a game-changer because it allows any room, indoor or out, to have the heat and color of an electric fireplace, without taking up square footage!

A Variety of Sizes and Styles

Client homes come in different sizes and styles, so it’s only fitting that our clients have an array of electric fireplaces to choose from in a variety of sizes and styles. The style can be contemporary, modern, rustic, traditional, and so much more! It’s truly up to each client how they want their product designed. Choose from natural driftwood as the base or ultra-modern glass embers. Framing can also individualize the style. A bold frame can make for a great statement, or a clean and simple frame can allow for the flames to be the focal point. Choose a log set for a more traditional design, and add a mantel for your TV. The choices are endless!

Style is an important part of customization, but size is, too. Size can determine if the item fills up a room or acts as a great accent. Whether a room is big or small, we have an electric fireplace that will be the perfect size to flush mount. Let Crackle Fireplaces help you to find the perfect option for your area. Our experience and expertise can help guide you on your way to your dream fireplace!

Core Benefits

The ease of installation is an incredible benefit of electric fireplaces. There is no building, assembling, or construction! You simply follow the instructions and mount it to the wall. This is easy enough for anyone do to! Easy installation is important so that people of different ages and sizes can have access to a fireplace! Plus, easy installation means quick installation. Mount it to the wall and immediately start enjoying the heat of your brand-new electric fireplace!

An important benefit of an electric fireplace is that it is another way to go green, helping the environment! A traditional wood-burning fireplace can emit pollutants that harm the environment each time it is started. An electric fireplace has no true flames which means no smoke or harmful pollutants! Also, wood-burning fireplaces lack efficiency in heating the home, since much of the heat goes up the chimney rather than into the desired room. Choosing an electric fireplace is more efficient and a healthier alternative. It seems that the benefits of an electric fireplace are endless!

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Unmatched Service

Our customer service is unmatched because we know how important it is. Your project isn’t just another sale to us. This is a relationship built around a common goal, to beautify any room. We truly mean it when we say we are passionate about our products and design, and, more than that, we are passionate about you. We combine our business and service with a genuine human connection.

We know your goal is to make your room relaxing and luxurious, and that is our goal, too! We know with this common goal we are the perfect match, and we will do anything to reach it! This is no small decision, and we will work to make this process easy and smooth. Each one of our interactions with our clients revolves around our company’s core values: integrity, reliability, efficiency, and positivity. These values are the forces that drive our company.

Peace of Mind With Every Fireplace Purchase

Our priority will always be matching you with your perfect electric fireplace. We will never give you less than your dream fireplace, and we will always assure you high-end products. Our team will work around the clock to make this happen, answering your questions throughout the process. We will always be here for your questions, comments, or concerns. We not only want to tell you how important you are to us – we want to show you. We know efficiency is important to you, and it is to us, too.

Life is busy, and we don’t want to take any more of your time than we have to. While delivering quality products, we will do it with a sense of urgency. Whether it be with a question or an order, your inquiry will be treated as time-sensitive. Decorating and designing a home can be overwhelming and tiresome. We want this part of decorating to be fun and easy! Our clients will be treated with kindness and care. Positivity comes naturally to our team because we love our work so much! We not only want you to be satisfied, but we guarantee it! We always promise the best customer service, an online shopping experience that is easy and user-friendly, a wide variety of high-end products that you can be proud to show off, and, last, but not least, peace of mind purchasing from an honest and proactive business.

Why Choose Crackle Fireplaces?

We know we have competitors that you can buy from, but we also know that we are the best at what we do. We work hard to have unmatched expertise, beautiful designs, great service, and a company you can trust! Getting a customized fireplace without having to do the customization makes this purchase effortless! We want to take as much stress out of this project as possible, and that is why we created the design service for you. We can do it all for you or work right by your side to help you! We are a progressive company that strives for our customers’ satisfaction!

Did something go wrong? Tell us, and we will make it right. It is our duty never to leave our customers feeling disappointed or unsatisfied. We believe our knowledge and passion will set us above the rest, and we deliver nothing but satisfaction. We know sometimes things can go wrong, but we also know that we will always correct it. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed, no matter what. We want to thank you for trusting us with your business by offering free shipping! We know shipping can be bothersome and rather costly, so we want to eliminate that for you. That’s why we offer free delivery to all 48 US contiguous states as a small token of our gratitude. We always work to be better. Our aim is to do this by reading our reviews regularly. We use real-life situations to make sure we get better each day. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we most definitely can’t wait to work with you!

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