Custom Fire Tables

When you are looking to make a statement with your outdoor entertainment area that sets a higher bar than the average do-it-yourself patio makeover, envision the stunning centerpiece of a custom fire table bringing the area together along with your family and friends. Crackle Fireplaces specializes in creating artful fire features in backyards and deck spaces all over the country, so we know firsthand how a fire table makes any space feel like a 5-star resort vacation when added to a home outdoor living design concept. The perfect fire table will inspire gatherings of a grand fashion on any given Tuesday night at home.

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Combine Form and Functionality

Because each piece of granite or stone that we use is completely unique, no two fire table pieces will ever look the same. Our custom fire tables will each have a story about the rock that is used to create the feature, what type of mineral it is, where it came from, and what its properties are. Every table will have a different color, dimension, and striation pattern.

When you order a custom table designed and created just for you, we pick the stone that you love the most and build your fire feature from there. Imagine having something made that you had a hand in creating that your entire family can enjoy. We can put the sparkle into your special evenings with the installation of a custom fire table made especially for you.

Custom Fire Pit Tables

Having a custom-made table for your home or outdoor commercial space can have a very significant effect on how you use your outdoor areas when you are at home or work. With an economical and ecological natural gas burning design built into a natural slab of mineral rock such as granite, a custom fire pit table becomes a “something to do” tonight permanent fixture in your home. It takes any family phone call on the patio over a cup of tea to a level like you’ve been transported to a cafe in the south of France.

The combination of the natural element with the modernity of the feature creates an aesthetic ambiance that inspires outdoor living possibilities all year round. Imagine hanging out with the family with the vision of twinkle lights and fire fluttering from your custom fire table. Think about the sunset evenings in the summer having a gathering with friends around a custom-made granite fire table. No matter how much you may love spending time on your patio now, having a custom fire table as a focal point in your outdoor living area will motivate you to use it.


Crackle Fireplaces were such a pleasure to deal with! Best customer service ever.

– Jade


Thanks to your Fireplace Finder tool and helpful emails, we were able to choose the ideal fireplace for our vacation home. The shipping was fast and everything arrived safely.

– Doug & Kate


George and his team are the real deal. I’m super impressed with the service (and my new fireplace)! Thank you for everything.

– Charlie

Custom Fire Tables Made From Stone

Fire is one of the elemental things about being outdoors that people love. Camping trips are not the same without a fire and some marshmallows for roasting. Combining that primal feel with the convenience and style of natural gas firelight, our gorgeous designs are mesmerizing to view during any gathering by the fire. Your fire feature will not only add to the ambiance of your patio, it will be part of the focus, or the reason for the season so to speak.

As a highly valuable piece of mineral art as well as a desirable feature for any outdoor entertainment space of a home, a custom fire table made from stone enhances the living experience so much so that people report it adding a sense of calm, peace, luxury, and elegance to their backyard experiences. From the romantic dinner for two around a backyard BBQ and dining area to the family game night around an outdoor media center and seating lounge space, having a stone, custom-made fire table adds warmth, light, and magic to any given regular day when you have one at home to enjoy.

Unique One-Of-A-Kind Designs

We excel at designing and creating unique one-of-a-kind custom tables for any private home, office, showroom, or public space. To elevate the look of any outdoor entertainment or gathering space, adding a fire feature will make everything else come together in your outdoor entertainment area. You can choose the kind and style you want to either match or complement your current home decor.

From the pergola to the center kitchen island, your outdoor entertainment area might have everything from a tile floor to a pool and spa. Yet, the one feature that everyone loves more than anything is the fire feature. It adds a special quality to even the most usual of events or days. Having a unique, one-of-a-kind design can make your home feel special, swanky, and resort spa-like. When paired with other features such as a waterfall or grill, an outdoor area with a fire feature can truly add value, functional, fabulous square footage to your home.

Why Choose Crackle Fireplaces?

Crackle Fireplaces is dedicated to creating the most beautiful, functional fire table features for clients all over the country. We have hundreds of pieces of stone and granite from which to choose to begin laying out the right color, texture, and patterns to either match or complement your living spaces. Whether integrating it into a fully decorated patio or deck design or as a stand-alone feature for a lounge chair or two under a pergola, our signature, custom builds are timeless in look and versatile in functionality.

Our team is committed to excellence in everything we do. We bring years of expertise and a genuine love for all things fire to our work. From the initial consultation to the final reveal of your custom, hand-made fire table, we endeavor to make the experience as unique and additive to your life as one of our custom pieces. Crackle Fireplaces is your trusted source for all things fireplace for your home and outdoor living spaces.

Order A Custom Fire Table
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Reach out to us today and let’s get started designing the perfect fire table for your outdoor living enjoyment. The process is easy once you choose the piece of granite or stone that you want. We can walk you through the process, offer you a no-obligation quote, and get you on the schedule to start creating a one-of-a-kind piece of flaming art just perfect for your backyard patio or deck. A feature such as this becomes a conversation piece reason for any gathering.

Adding a custom fire table to your outdoor living space will transform it into a truly relaxing place to spend your time. Where a pool and spa might be used seasonally, the fire feature is perfect for day and night, in summer and winter 365 days a year. When a regular fireplace, fire pit, or fire feature needs to be extraordinary, contact us at Crackle Fireplaces. Let us make something special just for you.