Choose Amantii’s Panorama SLIM if you’re looking for stunning realism in a more compact package for your indoor or outdoor space. SLIM models feature just one flame set, which makes them half as deep as their DEEP equivalents – they require just 6″ deep framing for flush recessing. These units are best suited to patios, and new construction/renovation where 12″ deep framing is not an option.

The 40″ BI-40-SLIM fireplace is feature-rich, with cutting-edge flame technology, remote-control operation, and a stunning media bed featuring various sizes of acrylic shards, and 13 colors of canopy lighting. Panorama SLIM units also include an optional black steel surround in case it is preferred over custom framing.

Available in 5 different length sizes as well as SLIM and DEEP depths, there is a Panorama for every room and every situation. Learn more now!