Modeno Aurora Fire Table


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Available on backorder

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About This Product:

Product Description:

• Body construction: Glass-fiber reinforced concrete
• Burner ring size: 12″ diameter
• Burner ring construction: 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel
• Burner pan size: 20.3″ x 20.3″ x 2″ (I.D.)
• Burner pan construction: 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel
• Control system: Push button spark ignition system
• Maximum heat output: 50,000 BTUs
• Certification: CSA Certified
• Media: 13.2 lbs lava rock (included)
• Warranty: 1 year
• PVC cover included
• Accessories available (sold separately):

1. Wind screen

2. Tank cover

Item Details

You can rely on us at Crackle Fireplaces to bring you affordable and beautiful models like the Aurora Fire Table where you will find a sleek design that brings life into any room. It will help to draw the eye to the center even when the fire pit isn’t lit and can serve simply as a table for your coffee or anything else. This model has a neat square shape that fits into a cozy setting with ease and has a rounded appearance from the ground up to the put itself. This adds a unique flow to the area and gives off an elegant vibe!

Key Features

We seek to inform you about all the key features surrounding this luxurious fire table that will elate the senses with high-quality results. The first feature to note is that there are handles on the sides for easy transportation if you decide you want to move it to another area of your home. The body construction is highly impressive with glass-fiber concrete that has been highly reinforced for durability. You will be certain that this fire table will have great longevity because it is forged using only the finest materials. The Burner ring construction is 18 gauge 304 stainless steel so you will get excellent results for the long term. You will gain ease of access to the control system which features a push-button spark ignition system with an impressive heat output of 50,000 BTUs. 13.2 pounds of lava rock are included along with a convenient PVC cover for your convenience. There is a one-year warranty and you have the option to get additional accessories such as the windscreen or tank cover.

Free Shipping To The US Lower 48

At Crackle Fireplaces we are offering you free shipping to the US Lower 48 states so you can have the satisfaction of increased savings knowing you won’t have to dish out the extra cash for transportation purposes. This is something we are proud to offer because it can be a tremendous burden to pay an extra 100-200 dollars simply for shipping a larger item. We seek to give you the best shipping experience possible and our view is that you deserve much better as a valued customer in terms of shipping and handling. We pack your product with care and ship it swiftly to you with no costs involved!

Easy Returns

You can expect the easiest process on the market when it comes to returns because we have you covered with a sound process. If you notice any abnormalities in the functionality or appearance of your fire table then we will take it back into our inventory and send you another one so you’re satisfied with no additional costs. However, if there is another reason you wish to return it then we also respect this but there’s a restocking fee of 20% Nevertheless, we work hand in hand with you to ensure your needs are met and you are refunded your money in a quick hassle-free process that leaves nothing to be desired.

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If you’re looking for a stylish and sturdy fire pit then consider the Modeno Aurora Fire Table within our online store right now! There is a convenient special going on at 14% off and it’s important to browse through our future selection if you’re considering purchasing another one. Sometimes it’s nice to have one in the front and back yard, and they will serve you for years to come. Order online today with Crackle Fireplaces and we will give you a highly memorable experience. If there are any issues or inquiries you have about this particular model then feel free to message us so we can answer your burning questions and will shed light on the situation before you make the final purchase. Visit our site today and look at some amazing pictures of this stylish model!

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