Electric Fireplaces With Storage

Everyone wants to get the most out of their purchase, and now you can. An electric fireplace with built-in storage is not only a unique addition to your home but a useful one! An electric fireplace has the ability to create such a serene and peaceful area for your home or office. With the combination of ambiance and storage, this is a worthwhile piece of furniture. Use it in your living room for storing your favorite books or DVDs and be able to enjoy TV by the fire too!

Get An Electric Fireplace With Storage

Starting the fire no longer has to be a chore! It can be as simple as a click of a button. A traditional wood-burning fireplace can be so tedious to start and keep going, most people won’t even bother. An electric fireplace comes with a remote control and can be started from the comfort of your seat after a long day! This is a beautiful purchase that brings much more than just warmth and storage to your home. It is the perfect finishing touch for any home or office.

Amantii 50″ Wall-Mount/Flush Mount Linear Electric Fireplace

Let’s Create The Fire Feature You’ve Always Dreamed Of

We design and you enjoy it! Creating the perfect design for an electric fireplace is difficult and can get more complicated when adding storage. We know there are a lot of variables to consider, so we make it easy and do it for you! We are knowledgeable about our products and passionate about our creations. We know this is important to you, so we make sure to make exactly what you are dreaming of. Crackle Fireplaces will only design something that you will be 100% happy with.

Your input is all we need. Tell us your vision and the type of storage you want, and we will design just that. Every client is different and we individualize to your wants and needs. We want to make this an amazing buying experience and create the best product. Taking into consideration the style, heat output, size, accessibility, and storage you want! Make this quick and easy, leave it to the experts!


Crackle Fireplaces were such a pleasure to deal with! Best customer service ever.

– Jade


Thanks to your Fireplace Finder tool and helpful emails, we were able to choose the ideal fireplace for our vacation home. The shipping was fast and everything arrived safely.

– Doug & Kate


George and his team are the real deal. I’m super impressed with the service (and my new fireplace)! Thank you for everything.

– Charlie

Electric Fireplaces with Cabinets

An electric fireplace with cabinets is a sophisticated and pleasant way to add storage to the home. The cabinets are customizable to any size, frame, or style. The benefits of cabinets are the doors, as anything would be able to be stored safely in the electric fireplace. This is an incredibly useful and beneficial purchase. Great to store your favorite movies in for the lounge, or documents in for the office. Still offering versatility for each room, while also offering more privacy for storage. An electric fireplace is a perfect way to make a room go from simple to luxurious, the cabinet space is an added bonus! Crackle fireplaces will do all of the work in designing your perfect fireplace with cabinets.

Electric Fireplaces with Bookshelves

Reading a book by the fire is the ultimate relaxation. Add an electric fireplace with a bookshelf to any room in the house or office. Store all your favorite books in a variety of bookshelf frames and designs, created to match the aesthetic of your home or office. Electric fireplaces with bookshelves are so versatile and have the ability to fit anywhere, whether it be the master suite, the family lounge, or a sophisticated office.

Bookshelves displaying your favorite books is an art in itself but adding an electric fire takes the aesthetic to a whole new level. Cuddling up by a warm fire before bed to read your favorite novel is the perfect way to wind down after a busy day. This isn’t just storage or a fire, it’s innovative art to display prized possessions.

Electric Fireplaces with Shelves

Shelves are the perfect way to put up memorabilia or your most prized family photo. Now, this can be done with your electric fireplace as the focal point. This is an addition to the home that will never go unnoticed. Shelf space can be a tricky addition with complicated installation, but with the electric fireplace, installation is made easy. The best place to place decoration, good memories, and your happiest photos. Cuddling by the fire will have so much more meaning with your personalized belongings surrounding you. We will help you with the perfect style and size to fit your home!

Unmatched Service

Having exceptional customer service is incredibly important and we know that. At Crackle Fireplaces we make sure to have the best! We take pride in combining our goods and services with a true human connection. Not only are we passionate about our products, but we are passionate about your buying experience. To make sure this is an enjoyable time filled with great service, we follow our company’s core values: integrity, reliability, efficiency, and positivity.

Buying quality products is a priority and we only supply our clients with the best of the best products. We intend to work around the clock to make this your dream fireplace with storage. Do you have a question? We welcome all questions, comments, or concerns. We want you to know how important you are to us, so we will never leave you hanging. Whether it be a conversation or an order, we will always treat it with urgency. Our goal is to be the best we can be, in a timely manner. Your time is precious and we would never waste it! Positivity comes naturally because we love what we do! Each client will always be serviced with a smile. We know you deserve a buying experience filled with kindness and respect, so that is what you will get from us! We promise you hard work and great customer service, an online shopping experience that is friendly for any user, products that are of the highest quality, and most importantly, a business you are so pleased to buy from!

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Why Choose Crackle Fireplaces?

Choose us, because we choose you! Our clients are the most important part of our business so we will always treat you with care and kindness. We know you have other choices when it comes to buying your electric fireplace, so we make sure we are better than the best. Our goal is to make your area as beautiful and spacious as it possibly can be with the addition of an electric fireplace with storage. We know this is your goal too, which makes us the perfect match! We customized our service to individualize each design for you because we want to cater to the unique mindset of each client. We are a proactive company that works each day to learn and be better!

Your satisfaction is what motivates us. With our knowledge combined with our passion, satisfaction is easy to come by. We will always guarantee a satisfied client. Something wrong? Get it back to us and we will make it right! It is our duty to create exactly what you are wanting. Trusting us with your business is a big deal to us and we can’t wait to thank you. We want to start by gifting you with free shipping! Shipping can be a drag and quite costly, we don’t want you to worry about that. Shipping is free to all US lower 48 states! And lastly, we steadily improve by reading our reviews. We know there is no better way to learn to become the best than hearing from our clients. Real lessons for a real company. We can’t wait to hear from you. Crackle Fireplaces is one big family, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it!