Where on the Elementi fire table does the gas line hook up?

Some models will come with a hose already installed to be connected to a natural or propane source depending on your preferences. The Elementi fire pit can hook up to either one and you simply install it by connecting after ensuring that things are fully secure. You may need to get an adapter kit during this process depending on where you’re trying to hook it up.

Immense convenience to install

It’s much easier to get your Elementi Firepit off the ground and functioning well right when you get it. That’s because we have crafted them for your convenience and have taken into consideration the setup process. There’s nothing more frustrating than a lengthy process and that’s why we have conveniently crafted our fire pits to effectively make them much easier to connect to a gas line hookup. This is the perfect fire pit for saving time and energy when connecting to gas, but you should still use safety and caution when handling. Connect the hose to both ends and you’re good to go!

Elementi gets installed quicker and easier

One aspect of our brand that you’ll notice immediately is that the setup process is much more comprehensive than other fire pits. We have made it so that the hose doesn’t stick out for a more natural appearance and you can connect to any given source. The process has been made much more convenient through our consideration and we are happy to share it with you through a hassle-free installation process. The gas line hook-up is located on the internal part of the fire pit and is safely hidden away from all the other intrusions of the outdoors. This helps it remain intact over time and your pit will last for years!

Connect to the inside of the pit

When you have the proper type of hose for the job it’s important to make sure that the connection is secure with no leaks. Otherwise, your fire pit will have inefficient results. There are always variables moving against a successful installation, and we don’t live in a perfect world. However, our team has ensured that your Elementi Firepit will be easier to connect to a gas line hook up without the added stress. We have perceived that this might be a challenging part of getting your new fire pit. That’s why we have made it a point to make things easier so you can connect and get started almost immediately!

Make sure the hose is not blocked

You can have your gas line hook up perfectly installed and ready to go but there might be an unforeseen circumstance where a blockage occurs. It’s imperative to make sure that there aren’t any leaks or blocks going through the hose when installing. This is also important to maintain over time because different things can pose a threat to the free-flowing gas that powers your fire pit. Obviously, if this is inhibited it’s not good and you need to perform regular inspections if the fire pit is used a lot. This will ensure that you can get the problem diagnosed easier. If you have to buy your own tube to connect then go for the more expensive option for more durable results.

Gas can connect to propane or natural source

You have to decide where your gas source is and there are a couple of solid options to choose from. Some people believe that propane is more efficient than natural gas but some studies have shown that they essentially cost the same. However, propane might give you more control over the situation. Either way, you need to make sure that your Elementi fire table is properly hooked up to a gas line so it can shine its beauty on your backyard. There aren’t many variables when setting up your fire table, but attention to the details will help you make the right decisions and follow instructions.

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