Is it safe to have a propane tank under a fire table?

It might seem illogical to place the propane tank underneath a heating element, but you have to consider modern craftsmanship before anything. This ensures that they are able to create a safe separation between them and things won’t get too hot which would otherwise cause some problems. It might be difficult for some to accept without cringing, but you can successfully have a propane tank stowed safely under a fire table.

Check with the manufacturer to gain insight

Not all tables are the same, and you should definitely check with the manufacturer to ensure no fatal errors are made that could result in an explosion. No one wants to be in this position which is why some opt for designs where the propane is either underground or separate from the actual fire table.

There is only a very small risk with the right measures

You should be aware that there are certain risks when purchasing a product that might not support storing the propane tank underneath the table itself. If you decide to place it there then you might cause an explosion that can damage the table and surrounding area. If you decide to get a fire table, then make sure keeping the propane tank underneath is reliable and effective regarding any model. You can even have someone professionally check everything or consult with Crackle Fireplaces to get on the right track to propane safety.

If it bothers you then keep it on the side

One of the alternatives to keeping a propane tank underneath the fire table is to simply place it next to it. This might not have the most aesthetically appealing quality to it, but there are options to help with this. You can purchase a matching propane tank cover that blends in well with the existing fire pit and also provides you with another location to place food or a plate. There are definitely alternatives to keeping the propane tank directly under the fire pit. Trust your instinct and do what seems logical, but fire pits that are designed well can handle the tank with immense safety.

Underground options are available for peace of mind

If you decide you don’t want to keep the propane tank under your fire table then there’s nothing wrong with that. There are viable alternatives like sourcing your gas from a propane tank underground. This can give you greater longevity because the tank can be much larger. However, you might have to deal with increased maintenance at various times of the year. Consider keeping your gas underground if you want more longevity without the need to replace the tank. You can enjoy more hours of warmth without changing it every 12 hours or so.

Leaks are possible over time so it’s important to check

Most expertly crafted fire tables from our store come with the right comprehensive instructions to make sure the propane tank is installed correctly. We have made things safer by forging fire tables that can easily store the propane tank underneath without worrying about any accidents. The chances of some explosion happening is extremely small because we work with brands who care about the final product and consumer safety. Making sure your propane tank is installed correctly with no leaks is perhaps the single most important aspect of safety that should never be overlooked!

Replace the propane safely and efficiently

You will be replacing the tank at equal intervals throughout the lifespan of your fire table. This is part of the responsibility of owning one because it’s definitely not a toy. It can be a potentially dangerous endeavor if you neglect critical aspects of the setup process. Luckily, we have made it very easy to understand so the chances of an error are very slim. When you have professionals working on your side to bring you a safe fire table, it gives you the confidence to make this wise investment. There are definitely stylistic advantages to simply having the propane tank underneath the fire table.

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