How do you turn on the Elementi fire pit?

The first task in preparation for turning the Elementi fire pit on is to make sure it is connected to the proper gas source. From there you are ready to make the proper inspection before turning it on for the first time. Having a consistent and reliable gas flow is the first step to ensure continuity over the course of months while using this outdoor fire pit.

Find an open spot away from trees

It’s imperative to find a spot that is away from any trees or potential fire hazards. There are usually a lot of items in a backyard so it might be wise to adjust them before installing the fire pit. If you have trees then it would be a good idea to install the Elementi Firepit away from them. This ensures that you have more space to work with and can reduce anxiety when starting it up. Putting it in the right space is critical for safety.

Test the wind to make sure it isn’t hazardous

The wind is definitely a contributing factor to the fire pit so you should determine which way the wind is blowing most of the time. Position the fire pit according to the perceived wind and it should be fine. Wind can definitely be a factor in these situations and you want your fire pit to not be stressed. By taking precautions and examining your environment it will save the fire pit a lot of stress for the long term and will increase longevity. Position the fire pit in different locations for the first week or so and examine the health of the flame. Most of these options are wind-resistant anyway, but it’s still important to get a good angle for the most optimal results!

Make sure you have installed the medium

Install the correct medium prior to turning on your fire table so that it’s ready to absorb heat and disperse it evenly. It wouldn’t make sense to turn it on without any of the heating pebbles and these can be different types if you’re creative. Nevertheless, it’s important to have them installed all the way to the top in an organized and even fashion. This ensures that things have more continuity and your fire pit will function properly. You can choose to mix certain mediums like clay and glass for an interesting and unique result. This is the aspect of a fire pit that shouldn’t be overlooked and is highly necessary when using.

Press the button to activate the flame

Now that you have performed the proper maintenance and safety checks on your fire table it’s time to activate it. You should double-check to make sure there aren’t any gas leaks or any other potential hazards in the area. Some things might not seem like hazards at first until they become dangerous in the moment. These fire pits are highly convenient in that all you have to do is press a single button to activate the flame that brightens and warms an entire area with ease. When doing this, you will effectively activate the device and it will give you supreme performance when hooked up correctly. Not only that but it will last you a long time when taken care of. These models feature an electronic ignition and safety auto-shutoff in case you forget to turn it off at the end.

Control the size of the flame

There is a knob on most models that allow you to control the flame size and how much gas output there is. Make the necessary adjustments according to your evening and the weather. If it does happen to be windier out than usual then consider giving it more gas and this will help to compensate. These Elementi Fire pits give you the power to control your personal situation and it has great longevity. You won’t have to worry about the start button suddenly not working unexpectedly because these have been crafted with durability and reliability in mind for all customers. There are so many uses for our fire pits and we are happy to bring them to you for an affordable price!

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