How do you turn on the Elementi fire pit?

Elementi is a trustworthy brand that has been forging fire pits with great customer consideration. Sometimes fire pits can be difficult to operate, and that’s why Elementi has cleverly crafted the single control knob which allows for ease of access and long-term usage. This Knob is incredibly durable and gives you complete control over the fire pit while on. Push and then twist the knob while holding it. This will activate the pilot which means it’s ready to turn further to activate the burner mechanism.

A convenient battery-powered ignition

The ignition takes their triple-a batteries and you won’t have to worry about changing it all the time because it has a long life. Exchanging the batteries is incredibly easy and you can tell they took the customer into consideration while designing it for your convenience. It is highly accessible to the operator and you won’t have to change it all the time.

Adjusting the flame with the knob

You have the power with any given Elementi Firepit to effectively change the strength of the flame. Sometimes you want a more subtle approach to an evening without a fantastically bright result. This is better for romantic nights out or even scary stories on Halloween around the fire pit. Both the heat output and flame effect can be altered to give you a more versatile and memorable experience. Elementi fire pits can accomplish a lot with minimal operation and less stress than other options.

Fully clockwise extinguishes the flame

If you turn the knob fully in the clockwise direction, then this will extinguish the flame completely. This is valuable because it only involves one motion instead of a few different steps. Once you turn that knob fully, the flame will cease to exist and you can know it’s completely off without any residual effects. From there, the fire pit will slowly return back to resting temperature and there are even options for an automatic shut-off for increased safety if you forget. It’s imperative that shutting off a fire pit is easy to understand, and that’s exactly what you get here!

A plethora of designs that are easy to use

Elementi has been known for dishing out some amazing modern designs that are either extravagant, minimalist, or ones that blend into your natural environment. There are many designs to choose from that will have you scratching your head wondering which is the best option. However, you don’t need to be left in the dark when making your decision. At Crackle Fireplaces, we are in your corner from start to finish to help you deliberate between our prestigious Elementi fire pit options. We can consult with you on the basis of your individual style and find the right one to operate easily with no hassle!

Safe and functional for years to come

One of the benefits of ordering an Elementi brand fire pit is that you will be reassured you made a sound investment with a durable product. Longevity is highly stressed with this brand, and they have a good reputation for exceeding expectations and keeping your product functioning for years to come. They are concerned with you getting your money’s worth on any given fire pit, and we operate with integrity to deliver it safely to any location. Elementi has been crafting professional and ergonomic fire pits for your pleasure to keep you warm with style!

Ergonomically designed with the customer in mind

These fire pits are exceptionally functional with the customer’s needs and safety kept at the forefront of business. Elementi is a trusted brand and each of their products comes with a manual for setting them up and functioning properly. However, it’s never a bad idea to hold onto this manual for future reference instead of throwing it in the fire. You never know when information might be needed, even if it’s simple to operate. Making sure everything is hooked up correctly is imperative and the guide is easy to follow so you won’t make any mistakes while setting up.

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