How Do Elementi Fire Pits Connect To Natural Gas?

You might be wondering, “How do Elementi fire pits connect to Natural Gas?” and we will address this here with comprehensive steps. Most Elementi models have the battery installation location on the side of the fire pit and the first step is to gently insert it so that it can stimulate the functionality of the entire unit. It should be placed into the hole and then screwed in securely for the best results overall. This is the first critical step to ensure the proper functionality of your Elementi Firepit and it’s important to replace the battery occasionally for optimal functionality. Have them handy for when a replacement is needed.

Place Lava Rock by hand

The next step is to place the lava rock in by hand and make sure you don’t get anxious and dump it all in there at once. This can result in the dust flying everywhere and potentially clogging the burner which can lead to a dangerous situation. The lava rock should be around one inch above the burner and you want to steer clear of covering the igniter box so that it can flair up properly. You want the right level of ignition and it’s very important to not get any rock debris on this apparatus. This will ensure the optimal functionality of your fire pit and will ensure a healthy flame with no problems along the way. Each step leading up to the connection of the natural gas should be adhered to according to the specific instructions.

Connect to the natural gas source

For this step, it’s imperative you carry it out with caution and follow the instructions for a successful setup. First, you want to make sure you get a professionally installed shut-off valve placed between the supply piping and the socket which is highly recommended by the National Fuel Gas Code. Always conduct this process outdoors for your safety. Take note of all the important parts before engaging in the connection and these include the gas hose, quick disconnect socket, shut off valve, and your house natural gas piping where you’ll connect it to. If you’re unsure of what a particular part looks like then reference the diagram in your instruction manual just to make sure. There’s nothing wrong with triple-checking these elements because this can be a delicate and dangerous process.

Connect the socket

Next, you want to effectively coat the gas supply pipeline nipple with a compound that is resistant to gas or you can opt for an approved Teflon PTFE tape to accomplish the job. Carefully screw the socket onto the gas supply pipe which is the gas house source and use a reliable wrench to fit and tighten it effectively. It’s important to note that the quick disconnect socket should not be connected to the table. Connecting the socket efficiently is important for proper gas flow so there aren’t any leaks. It’s possible to not tighten it enough so always make sure it’s completely tightened for an even flow of gas to the fire pit. This is the right procedure for connecting the socket and you are now ready for the final step of the process!

Use the quick connect socket

Gently pull back the sleeve of the quick disconnect socket and accurately insert the end that is unattached of the gas hose into the socket so that it fits well. You may then continue to release the sleeve and effectively push the hose into the pocket until you hear the secure snap sound. This means that it is effectively secured in a locked position and is ready to function well. Now that everything is in place, it’s time to perform a leak test as outlined in the manual so that there are no faulty mechanisms. It’s always possible there is a slight leak which is why it’s imperative you never skip this step. You are now ready to use your Elementi fire pit and have peace of mind that it will function properly. Now your question regarding, “How do Elementi fire tables┬áconnect to Natural Gas?” has been answered and you’re ready to install it easily!

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