Do you need to vent an Elementi fire pit?

One of the critical elements of any gas-powered fire pit is to make sure it has the proper ventilation. The Elementi firepit has you covered with an ergonomic design that gives you the right amount of venting during prolonged usage of the pit. Here you will find that any outdoor fire pit needs access to a consistent and sufficient oxygen flow unless otherwise indicated.

Air Fuel and heat are the core elements

You need certain core ingredients to keep a flame functioning properly for the long term. These include air, gas, and heat to ensure that you’re getting a healthy fire that doesn’t waver. If one of these areas is lacking then you will definitely have a problem with the functionality of any fire pit. Air is exceptionally important and you need to get enough ventilation with any given fire pit. These have been crafted so it takes care of itself and you won’t have to worry about initiating anything yourself. They have been made for exceptional longevity while giving you the right amount of venting for future years!

Air vent to get oxygen to the fire

It’s important to vent the air so that the fire can be fed by oxygen which is simple chemistry. We have enough knowledge about science to make some of the most ergonomic fire pits in the industry. Our process involves creating a self-venting device so that things are already accounted for. This ensures that your experience is safe overall and gives you the most for your money. Air venting is essential for a larger flame to maintain integrity over time. The last thing you want is inconsistency which is why it’s so imperative to have a proper venting system for any given fire pit.

It’s important for a stronger flame

If you want a stronger and more vibrant flame then having a venting system is critical or things will start to die very quickly. If you have multiple people huddled in front of a fire pit then you need a strong flame to sustain adequate amounts of heat to keep the area warm. If you have poor ventilation in your model then it will definitely affect how efficient it is overall. Sometimes with age, a fire pit can get some blockages and needs to be properly addressed and diagnosed to retain optimal functionality. Different elements from the outside might block the vent and cause the overall result to suffer. That’s why regular upkeep is important and you should check them on a consistent basis.

Should be installed in a well-ventilated area

These fire pits should never be placed inside and this is true even for outdoor patio conditions. It would be unwise even if there is ventilation through screens. It’s a much more lucrative space to have the fire pit out in the open where there is plenty of breathing room. Look for any potential items that might inhibit the amount of ventilation the fire pit is receiving. There is no visible vent on these stone Elementi fire pits, but rather it achieves ventilation through the top. This is an innovative design that has been constructed to give you an easy transition and installation process that is unmatched.

Reduce medium to encourage better airflow

One of the ways that you can increase the ventilation on your Elementi fire pit is to make sure you’re not overpacking it with the selected medium. Sometimes using something like fire glass can help the venting process thrive more. It will require some trial and error to see if there is a difference or not. Either way, you want to be mindful of how much of the medium you intend to use. If you have rocks that are falling off the side then that’s definitely a sign that you might want to take some of them out to improve airflow to the fire pit. The flame will be noticeably brighter and larger when uninhibited by too much lava rock at the base.

Considerations for covered spaces

While Elementi fire pits are predominantly intended for outdoor use, they can go on regular and covered patios as well with proper clearance. However, for covered properties, there needs to be proper ventilation to ensure safety. The following are considerations if using a fire unit under a covered space:

1. If the property includes a roof and three sealed walls, the opening wall’s size must be a minimum of 30% of the area

2. Must make sure the distance between the fire and roof is a minimum of 72″ high

3. Must make sure the distance between the fire table and any combustible material on the four sides is a minimum of 48″ away

4. The minimum clearance from fire unit to combustible materials is 72”(182.9cm) minus the height of appliance from the top, and 48” (121.9cm) from all sides and back

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