Can I Use Glass Instead of Lava Rocks In My Elementi Fire Pit?

You might be asking yourself, “Can I use glass instead of lava rocks in my Elementi fire pit?” and the answer is yes you can and you’d be surprised at how versatile they can be in contrast to the traditional Lava Rocks. You have the opportunity to really add an artistic flair to your Elementi Fire Pit because some might not be fully satisfied with the more rugged look of rocks. They are interchangeable but you should always change them with care to ensure that your apparatus remains undamaged. They should never be carelessly dumped onto your pit and this is true with both types of media. Glass opens the door to new possibilities and you can experience them today! They are far more colorful and can brighten up your table even more with some unique reflections that create a dazzling appearance.

An added element of style and color

If you’re looking for a different stylistic element to complement your Elementi fire pit then there are loads of options to choose from that can change your perspective and elevate the mood of any particular night. For instance, if it is valentines day and you want a vibrant pink then you can purchase this hue for a romantic night in front of the fire. This is just one of many ideas to consider and glass has a translucent quality that is unlike any other media. It is almost otherworldly and one of the most popular options people consider are black glass marbles. These have a reflective beautiful quality that will enhance the appearance of your fire table and make things more interesting overall. Glass is the next level with more style and color than traditional lava rocks, and it really boils down to personal preference because they both accomplish the same thing.

Different shapes to consider: Smoother look than Lava rocks

One interesting element behind the use of glass is that you can actually buy ones that are different shapes. Not only that, but you can blend them with other colors and shapes to create a truly unique and stunning appearance that might even induce a rainbow effect. You have the power to create any type of glow you want and it will be apparent you’re using something other than the traditional lava rocks. Many people tend to be conflicted regarding which ones to use for their fire pit. The nice reality is that you are able to troubleshoot, but make sure you let them cool down first completely before replacing them. Lava rocks tend to have an unequal quality to them and they can appear rough and lack continuity. When you use fire glass it ensures that each shape is forged exactly the same so it gives off a more luxurious appearance. This along with the implementation of increased colors makes it a viable option to consider.

Mixing them together for a unique appeal

It’s also possible to mix both lava rocks and glass together to create yet another stunning effect. The lava rocks should be hidden on the bottom while the glass is spread on top in an even layer. However, you can also mix them thoroughly if you wish. You have the power to choose what is best for your Elementi fire pit but it’s always important to exercise caution when replacing them. Experiment with different methods in combining the two forms of fire media and it will have some interesting results. We understand that each person has a different preference when it comes to the placement of their lava or glass rocks, and you can even create some unique designs that display letters or a certain pattern. If you simply can’t decide between the two then this is a fun method to consider for multiple combinations to keep the fire pit fresh in appearance. Now your question of “Can I use glass instead of lava rocks in my Elementi fire pit?” has been answered and you can start experimenting with different options!

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