Can I put a fire table on my deck?

You might be wondering if it’s safe to use a fire table on your deck and the answer can vary depending on the surface type and model. At Crackle Fireplaces we offer you models that are consistent with the safety code and give you peace of mind when operating on any given deck. Still, there are certain methods you can use to make things safer and more viable for long-term use. It’s a great choice to enjoy your fire table on the deck for a cozy and warm atmosphere for family and friends!

Location is important to prevent fires

When positioning your fire table on the deck you must have the highest level of consideration to make sure things are safe. This means keeping it at least 10 feet away from your house and examining the surrounding area for any flammable objects. You can choose the optimal location for your table or consult with our professionals about any given deck for advice. Never place your fire table next to flammable objects and this should be obvious. However, it can get more challenging the more clutter you have on the deck, and placing wisely can prevent any potential problems. The chance of a fire happening with one of our fire tables is minimal, and safety is of great concern for all customers.

A protective surface is ideal or fire table pad

If you’re feeling extra cautious then you can opt for a protective surface that would go around the fire table to prevent any debris or sparks from affecting the area. With the right heat-resistant medium, you don’t have to worry about this too much as our fire tables are contained and well-designed. You won’t have to worry about any malfunctions like with cheaper models because we have expertly crafted each one to make sure your property is safe for the future! A fire pit pad might be a bit over the top for our tables which run on natural gas. You should be more concerned about fire regarding actual wood-burning pits which release all sorts of sparks.

Using your fire table on the deck is perfectly fine

We have impeccably designed fire tables that are made to function safely and efficiently for your needs. They last a long time and you can trust them on any given deck. However, there’s nothing wrong with being extra certain your property is secure. There are many great benefits to owning a fire table and they can be versatile for your home. Having one on the deck is a stylistic enhancement that can bring the space to fancier levels. Our products are designed to ensure ease of operation and safe longevity so no surprises occur. They are built to last for years and we have you covered if they arrive with any damage. A fire table on a deck under the stars is exceptionally beautiful and brings an atmosphere to the night that is exceptionally brilliant with the right fire stones.

Putting a fire table on your deck brings the space together

Placing one of our unique fire tables on any given deck will help revitalize the entire vibe of your deck. They shouldn’t be used under umbrellas or indoors unless the product specifies it can. Each deck is different, and you might need to add some space for the most secure result overall. Some people will get a special fireproof coating installed on the surface just in case there is an accident. For example, if you have large dogs then they could potentially knock a table over and cause issues. Generally, our fire tables are safe and functional. If you have any doubts about your deck then you can consult with us regarding the safety measures and any particular unit. Some decks will be better accommodated with a smaller fire table and others need something larger. You can find the right table here to help you thrive!

We have many great fire tables and pits here!

At Crackle Fireplaces, we are offering you fire tables and fire pits that are crafted with innovation and artistic quality. We utilize only the sturdiest materials when forging the shape of any given product. Our tables and pits are the highest industry standard with attention to detail and functionality for any given space. Our versatility in different reliable brands is what sets us apart from the crowd. Consider buying one of our fire tables today and it will be worth your while. Everything we do is carried out with customer consideration and professional integrity. There is a great passion for quality products at Crackle Fireplaces and we want to help you attain them for an affordable price today!