Can an Elementi fire pit be connected easily to my 500-pound buried propane tank?

At Crackle Fireplaces, our Elementi fire pits have been carefully designed to be versatile across most applications and this includes the prospect of hooking up to a 500 pound buried propane tank. You will find that the installation process is easy and effective when executed properly. However, in some instances, you may need to buy additional parts to hook it correctly because some propane tanks vary. Nevertheless, it will only take the purchasing of a comprehensive kit to adapt to the situation so you can be certain things are working properly. You want to make sure that the integrity of your underground propane tank is up to speed before installing the fire pit to reduce the possibility of damage. Installing a fresh one is never a bad idea!

Executing the proper safety methods

Carefully take the hose and make sure that the gas is turned off initially so there aren’t any complications. Simply connect it to your natural gas source underground and make sure things are secure. At Crackle Fireplaces, we have designed our fire pits with great flexibility and compatibility across all underground applications. It won’t be hard to install the hose down to connect efficiently. If you have a hose coming out from the ground then it won’t be any different than connecting it to a regular propane source or to the natural gas from the house itself. It’s important to make sure that you do a gas leak test to ensure that there are no hazards when operating the fire pit. In some instances, the underground propane tank might be compromised due to erosion. You must always inspect these elements before the long-term use of any product. This will ensure the safety of everyone using it.

A great option if you want to hide your tank

An underground buried propane tank is an excellent alternative to common eyesores that are above ground. Still, they are susceptible to damages from the earth and need regular upkeep to keep things working properly. Nevertheless, our Elementi fire tables have unique adaptation abilities that make the process much easier for you. We include all the necessary instructions so you can be at peace during the installation process. Not only that, but your safety is of great importance and so we are always thorough in our informative approach. Many opt for connecting their fire pits to a buried source of propane and it’s very possible here to accomplish this with ease. You will benefit from the convenience of connecting to a large source of propane that is secure and viable for years to come. We have made it feasible to safely connect the fire pit to your 500-pound underground propane tank without extensive troubleshooting. It is definitely manageable by the common person and doesn’t require any specialized knowledge.

Get the necessary adapter

In some cases, you might need to buy an adapter depending on your propane apparatus. We design our fire pits to be functional in any circumstance with the ability to connect to any propane source. Our commitment to excellence and versatility across all fire pit products is unmatched as we give you many options to thrive with a reliable fuel source. We are committed to ensuring you understand what is necessary for connecting to your underground propane tank. Consider a fire pit installation kit that is for the sole purpose of connecting to an underground source. These are quick and easy to deal with and we have the right tools you need to get things lit up! We are all about a dynamic experience and this is why our fire pits are crafted with consideration in mind. You can connect to the underground source using a longer hose with quick connect features to get things moving quickly so you can enjoy your fire pit faster!

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