How Do I Order A Matching Elementi Tank Cover?

You might be wondering, “How do I order a matching Elementi tank cover?” and this is a valid question that many ask us at Crackle Fireplaces because some people simply don’t like the look of a propane tank subtracting from the serene environment. We understand this fully and seek to help you remedy this situation by equipping you with a natural-looking tank cover. You will find everything you need here according to your specific model and it’s imperative that it matches so that things don’t look tacky. At Crackled Fireplaces, we have many options to consider regarding tank covers and you will be given peace of mind knowing that there is something out there for your convenience at an affordable price!

Visually assess what matches

One of the best ways to choose the proper cover for your propane tank is to simply use your artistic eye to find one that will match the color and design of your Elementi Fire table. It can be easier said than done with the many options available to you, but using your instinct is important here because there are surroundings on your property to consider as well. You can even consult with Elementi to discover new options regarding what works and what doesn’t. You have the power to select an Elementi tank cover that will compliment your fire table and it will be a breath of fresh air if you’ve been already using the table for a while. Finally covering that eyesore will pay you back psychologically in the long run because it will add to the continuity and aesthetic quality of your setup. The propane tank can definitely draw the attention away from the table itself so it’s important that you get one to cover it.

Submit order at our store

After you have deliberated and weighed the options then it’s time to make an informed decision for yourself and submit the order at our online store. We have many options for you to choose from that will effectively cover your propane tank and keep you satisfied for years to come. Not only that, but it can also serve as a nice location to place excess materials and tools if you are out working around the yard. The flat surface will give you a whole new world of possibilities and when it matches the color of your fire table then guests will definitely notice. Once you add the item to your cart then you will be able to select free shipping and simply pay for it to initiate the shipping process like you would with any other item. Some people choose to purchase them with their Elementi Fire table and others choose later on the implement them. Either way, we have the right ones here for the job that will match your existing table!

Consult with us regarding the best option

If you’re unsure about any given selection and don’t want to make a mistake that will result in a return, then simply contact us to determine which tank cover is the right one for the job. Our professionals have an artistic eye and can give you the right advice regarding which one to select. This will ensure that you have chosen the right option and will be content when it finally arrives to cover that eyesore of a tank. We will work to show you which cover is right for your particular Elementi Fire table and can make suggestions so you will thrive stylistically. They will function well and you will be happy no matter what when you consult with us regarding our opinion. Now you have working knowledge on the subject and have obtained a concrete answer to the question, “How do I order a matching Elementi tank cover?” From here, you can browse our selection and find the right one for your purposes with our help!

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