Electric Fireplace TV Stands

There are many benefits of an electric fireplace. The ease of starting the fire and relaxing after a long day is incredibly appealing. Starting the fire can be done with the click of a button from the comfort of your seat with a user-friendly remote control. There is no gathering wood, lighting the fire, keeping it lit, or cleaning it up. An electric fireplace TV stand is perfect for family movie night or gathering around during a dinner party. At Crackle Fireplaces, we want to match you with the most amazing piece of furniture and the most versatile electric fireplace in one.

Get An Electric Fireplace TV Stand

An electric fireplace is amazing for many reasons, but combining it with a TV stand takes it to a whole new level. The combination of an electric fireplace and a TV stand makes the room seem spacious and luxurious, turning an ordinary room into a sophisticated and incredibly relaxing space. This is a great option for those with smaller living spaces as well as those who prefer the aesthetic of their new modern fireplace combined with their TV entertainment center. Most family rooms require a TV stand, even a small one. An electric fireplace fits perfectly in a small or large area, regardless of the width of your room. The design of the two combined is incredibly dreamy and almost irresistible. Watching TV by the fire has never been so easy or so comfortable. All you need is an electric outlet. We offer a selection of TV stands combined with electric fireplaces to fit a range of different aesthetics for any room.

Let’s Create The Fire Feature Of Your Dreams

We will create your TV stand fireplace for you because we want to do all of the work for you! Our team has gained the knowledge and expertise to be the best at fireplace design. We know this is no ordinary fireplace, and we take our time to make sure it is the appliance and furniture of your dreams! This will be a centerpiece of your living room for entertainment and warmth, and we want to make sure it is exactly what you want to sit by and what you want your guests to gather around. Every home or office is different, requiring different heat capabilities and most definitely different styles. We can help you with customizable options to make the most suitable choice for your area. We love what we do, and we want you to love what we create.

Just tell us about your room and the design you want to aim for. We can make your vision happen. There are so many variables to consider when buying and installing an electric fireplace TV stand. We know that it can be stressful and overwhelming to make those decisions. Our team will always be here to help you with the process or complete the process for you! We take into consideration room size, design, heat output, accessibility, ease of installation, and so much more! Save time and leave the designing to the experts!


Crackle Fireplaces were such a pleasure to deal with! Best customer service ever.

– Jade


Thanks to your Fireplace Finder tool and helpful emails, we were able to choose the ideal fireplace for our vacation home. The shipping was fast and everything arrived safely.

– Doug & Kate


George and his team are the real deal. I’m super impressed with the service (and my new fireplace)! Thank you for everything.

– Charlie

Electric Fireplaces To Support A Variety Of Consoles

Our electric fireplace TV stands are high quality and durable to support a variety of media consoles of all shapes and sizes. We offer only the best products, and these TV stands are incredibly well-built and reliable, adding beauty and stability to your entertainment setup. Offered in a range of sizes to fit even the largest TV, paired with a large and luxurious electric fire, the TV stands can be customized to include storage cabinets for game players’ consoles or shelves for your favorite media devices or other items. This is a multipurpose purchase that can be used to fit any room for any client!

Customizable Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Each client has a unique mindset and a different vision they want to create. That’s why customizable options are so important and necessary. We know this product is not one-size-fits-all. Crackle Fireplaces has a range of electric fireplace TV stands that can match the interior design of any room, with different styles and different colors to create a more rustic feel or a more sleek and modern feel.

A small apartment can be transformed into a sophisticated and relaxing spot to come home to after a long day, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A bedroom can go from ordinary to luxurious, the perfect place to cuddle up for a warm and peaceful night of sleep. An office is turned into an inviting and welcoming room, perfect for business talks and transactions. We love how much these electric fireplace TV stands change a room, and we are sure you will, too!

Complete Your Entertainment System

You will never want to go back to a standard TV stand after having an electric fireplace TV stand. They truly complete the aesthetics and ambiance of an entertainment system setup. With an electric fireplace TV stand, you get to enjoy the dual benefit of a media center with a heating element. Everyone wants to be cozy and relaxed while watching their favorite show. A fire helps people unwind and relax while staying warm. Or you could turn off the fan heater and leave the flames on for year-round fire enjoyment, even during the warm summer months!

Electric fireplaces offer so many benefits, but safety is a very important one that comes with this purchase. Not only does this aesthetically complete your home, but it is environmentally friendly and cost-efficient too! Traditional wood-burning fireplaces emit toxins and smoke into the home and environment, creating health risks for the home and the Earth, too. In addition, real flames bring real fire risks. When we have a fire going, there is always a risk of the house catching fire or our furry friends and curious toddlers getting too close. An electric fireplace has no real fire which means no toxins, smoke, or fire hazards. Advanced flame technology creates incredibly realistic natural flame effects without the fire risk. In addition to all of this, they are cost-effective. Electric fireplaces require little to no maintenance, and with low maintenance comes low costs. All you need is an electrical outlet! Aesthetics are truly only the first layer of benefits for an electric fireplace in a TV stand.

Unmatched Service

We know how important good service is, so we make ours the best. We combine our incredible one-of-a-kind service and add in human connection to make this the best purchase you can make. Our team is passionate about our clients, as well as knowledgeable about our selection and design services, the perfect recipe for outstanding customer service. We strive to make this an easy and fun purchase for you. In doing so, we make it a priority to implement our company core values with every interaction: integrity, reliability, efficiency, and positivity.

Our promise to you: hard work and great customer service, an easy to navigate online shopping experience, products from high-end brands that you will be proud to show off, and, most importantly, a business you are so pleased to buy from!

Peace of Mind With Every Purchase

We maintain our integrity by supplying you with only the best products and making it our priority to match you with your dream fireplace. We will work around the clock to design the fireplace that fits seamlessly into your home or office aesthetic, not stopping until we know you will be satisfied with the finished product. You can always count on us.

We know you have questions and concerns, and we welcome conversations around these and anything else that comes to mind! You are important to us, and we want you to know that. We treat everything (questions, designs, orders) with a sense of urgency. We know your time is precious, and we have no intention of wasting it! We do all of this with a smile on our faces. Positivity comes naturally because we love what we do. Our team will always treat you with kindness and understanding. We care about your project, and by the time your order is finished, you will know that. Our customer service is unmatched – let us show you!

Why Choose Crackle Fireplaces?

We know there are other stores to shop for an electric fireplace, but we also know we are the best option for you. Check out our reviews! We care about our clients as much as we care about our products. Our goal is to reach your goal, and with that, we know we are the perfect match for you. We do what most companies won’t – we design your fire feature for you. We implemented this service to make our company the best choice for you! Our team proactively works to learn and gain the expertise to provide you with the most educated and unmatched service possible, all at the best price. We carry a range of high-end and sustainable products so you have a selection of customizable options. Your satisfaction is truly our motivation.

Our knowledge and service combined will bring you results. We will always guarantee your satisfaction as our duty. We can’t thank you enough for trusting us with your business, so to give you a small token of appreciation, we want to gift you with free shipping. Shipping on large items can be a hassle and costly, so we want to take care of it for you. Enjoy free shipping to all zip codes in the 48 contiguous US states on us! Our goal is to show you our passion through our work, and we will work hard to reach that goal! We learn every day from our customer reviews. They are real-life lessons that are a part of our progressive growth. We would love to hear from you. Crackle Fireplaces is truly a family, and it is a family that we want you to be a part of. We can’t wait to help you warm your home!